Clothing Aftercare

I do rigorous quality checks and testing on all fabrics I use for bespoke pieces. Including washing/stretching/ durability testing. My bespoke line is made from high quality materials and made with top of the range industrial machines. They will last you a lifetime if you follow these guidelines and take care of them. - Trust me I have original pieces I created back in 2012 in my closet! 

- Handwash cold with mild detergent and hang dry 
- Hang garments NEAR a heat source, radiator/heater ect. Do not place directly onto a heated surface
- Wipe clean faux leathers/pvc whereever possible
- DO NOT put items in the washing machine/dryer. Studs and kitchen appliances do not mix. You have been warned! 
- Store in a cool dry place, humidiy & moisture will shorten the lifespan of faux leathers.
- Look after your pieces as with any other designer items. Hang them loosely in your wardrobe. 
- Avoid folding and crushing items when storing in drawers. 
- Pegs and hangers may leave indentations on faux leathers
- Festival/Vacation trips  - Place soft items like towels/cotton garments between your Wicked Lester items when packing in a suitcase.
- Bikinis/Lingerie sets have been worn in pools & sea water but please note over exposure to chemicals & high salt concencration over time can perish materials and hardware.
- If your items include screwback hardware, a tighten every few wears is advised. If in the event something goes awol please contact me and I can provide replacements. 
- If you think there is a fabric fault with your item please get in touch asap via email and include photos of your item.